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French Lessons For Professionals

Explore Our French Lessons For Professionals

French Lessons For Expats

Our one-on-one French lessons for expats in Paris are fully customised, each designed with your personal language learning goals in mind. Whether you want to take a few lessons to refresh existing skills, or develop a long-term French course aimed at fluency, our experienced French teachers are committed to helping you hit your linguistic targets.
Among other things, our personalised French lessons can help you:

  • Learn to speak confidently with landlords, neighbours and in-laws
  • Understand and navigate French bureaucracy, from forms to meetings
  • Converse fluidly on specific topics relevant to your work and area of expertise
  • Prepare for French job interviews
  • Prepare an exam throw the CPF
  • See Paris with the eyes of a local

French for Companies

French As You Like It is an established organization working with companies and the French government to finance the training of their employees (CPF). We will help you advance in your career. French As You Like It will help you at a competitive price, go through the administrative process to get financing of your training via the OPCA and the CPF, thus giving you the opportunity to work and learn French.

Our micro-group intensive French classes focus on the development of oral skills in professional and practical environments. They are designed for people who want to improve their understanding and speaking abilities through interactive experience in a work environment.

During class, you will:

1/ Improve your communication skills

in a variety of everyday situations.

2/ Work on grammar and vocabulary

on a given theme, polish your pronunciation while doing real-life exercises.

3/ We use innovative education materials

including videos and e-learning, to maximize your exposure to the language and help you progress efficiently and rapidly.

Class size is limited to a maximum of 6 students.

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