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Our Story


When French As You Like It started in 2005, it was based around the concept that happy students make better learners, and what better way than to offer engaging and practical lessons out and about whilst visiting Paris, using your environment as class materials or at the students residence or workplace.

As lessons out and about became popular, so did the number of requests to have the same intense personal focus and fun during lessons but also have the opportunity to learn with a few other students a group.

In 2010, French As You Like It launched micro-group French classes offering the same individual attention, fun and encouraging environment of learning as a small team of French learners, both beginner and intermediate

Once word got around that adults were able to take these kinds of fun French lessons, then the requests to have the same kinds of classes for children became overwhelming, and our children group lessons in Paris took off.

Now during the vacation months, we dedicate 5 classrooms for our younger learners, so that families can learn French together as they like it.

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